GTA, Rainforest Tours launch first Independence Safari

In commemorating Guyana’s 58th Independence Anniversary, the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) has partnered with Rainforest Tours and Guyana Beverages Inc., to launch the Independence Safari.

The tour will pass through Rockstone, Bartica, Mahdia, and Karasabai, and will be held from May 23 to May 26.

The safari was launched in a Friday ceremony at the GTA’s boardroom. Director of the GTA, Kamrul Baksh, said the safari presents yet another opportunity for travellers to enjoy the wonder of nature and connect with indigenous villages.

Trade Marketing Coordinator at Guyana Beverages Inc., Lalita Lachman; Managing Director of Rainforest Tours, Frank Singh, and GTA’s Director, Kamrul Baksh

“The Safari is an opportunity to see the beauty of Guyana, especially for the new attractions that are under development and the new products that we have launched in and around these new circuits,” he said.

The GTA director also pointed out that over 52 attractions and products have been launched in the last four years.

He reminded that a similar collaboration led to the launch of the Moraikobai and Pakaraima Safaris, promising that similar excursions are in the pipeline, in addition to shorter tours to highlight the bustling thrills of the coastland.

Baksh said each of these regions holds significant promise for the tourism sector and highlighted that adventure tourism is a core pillar of Guyana’s economy.

“Going on the safari is not only about the terrain, but it also provides an opportunity to see the country’s hidden gems, and we want to bring those hidden gems to light, especially through itineraries that we are creating with the private sector and with communities,” he explained.

He added that the GTA has been piloting a series of initiatives to enhance the tourism industry, including a rigorous anti-littering campaign to promote cleaner, greener environments, a critical element of the country’s tourism product.

Meanwhile, the Trade Marketing Coordinator at Guyana Beverages Inc, Lalita Lachman, commended the partnership and spoke of the company’s continuous support of initiatives to advance the country’s tourism sector.