GTA trained 90 persons from Indigenous communities in Regions 8 and 9 on hygiene & sanitation

During February 8 – 10, the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) conducted hygiene and sanitation training sessions with eight (8) Indigenous communities in Region 8 & 9.

A total of 90 representatives from Fairview (30), Bina Hill Institute (10), Aranaputa (15), Annai (13), Wowetta (15), St. Ignatius (7), Kumu (17) and Moco Moco (13) were guided through these sessions by Shellon Nicholas, Tourism Marketing Officer and Clyde Edwards, Product Development Facilitation Officer within the GTA.

These sessions sought to raise awareness and continue providing education on the COVID-19 pandemic to communities tied to the tourism value chain in the North and Central Rupununi areas and to reinforce the safety measures established by the National COVID-19 Task Force.

Participants were guided through the general facts of the COVID-19 disease and its forms of transmission, signs and symptoms, myths and facts as well as the best practices of health and sanitation using the GTA’s recommended Hygiene & Sanitation Protocol. Participants were also trained in areas of  how  to  establish  monitoring  and  contact tracing systems, improve their standards of operation and were provided with hygiene and sanitation support packages (sanitising products, COVID-19 Signage, masks, etc).

Recognising the challenges that communities and businesses are facing in applying the GTA recommended protocols as well as staying updated with the latest COVID-19 related news, these training sessions have reinforced  our  communicative  efforts  in  these  regions  as  well  as highlighted  the  importance of maintaining a high standard of hygiene and sanitation within establishments  and  communities,  not  only  during  times  of  COVID-19  but  even  after  the pandemic has passed.

Rita Leo, Acting Toshao commended the training, “I learnt a lot from it – how to wear and dispose of a mask, how to wash your hands. I am glad for this opportunity to advise my family and other colleagues.”

Lezlene Daniels, Tour Guide from Iwokrama River Lodge also expressed her satisfaction, “the most important part [for me] is how to use a mask and hand gloves correctly. As I go back to my community, I will share my knowledge with the little ones.”

“I am very happy for [the GTA] being here to educate the young people. Most of them I invited here this morning so that they can capture as much as they can and pass it on to the smaller ones,” remarked Odelia Francis, Senior Councillor of Kumu Village.

Director of the GTA, Carla James stated that “it is amazing to see the positive feedback received directly from the villages and it is our hope that our continuous efforts to educate and support our tourism-focused communities will further contribute to our journey towards complete recovery. Adequate hygiene and sanitation is critical during this period, and we want to ensure that our sector is provided with the necessary training and support to successfully reopen.”

For more information on the GTA’s training initiatives visit  or contact Chetnauth Persaud, Training & Tourism Development Officer, at  or Shameza David, Manager of Training & Licensing, at  in  the Travel Industry Development Division (TIDD) or call +(592) 219 0055.