Guyana – a destination for adventure tourism

– Int’l adventure travel bloggers to promote Destination Guyana

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, November 14, 2018

In an effort to promote adventure tourism, the Guyana Tourism Authority hosted a hard adventure Familiarisation Trip in the South Rupununi.

The six-member team of adventure travel bloggers along with officials from the Guyana Tourism Authority.

A team comprising of six international travel bloggers were invited to spend five days in the South Rupununi region and document their adventures.

Professional adventure and travel blogger, Julian Hatfield said Guyana has the opportunity to provide a great sense of adventure to tourists if marketed correctly. He pointed out that “people want to have that experience.”

Hatfield is a world explorer and travel writer who documents his journeys on his blog “Don’t Forget to Move

Hatfield further explained that “people will pay to go stand in the sun, get burnt, get bit by mosquitoes, roll around in the dirt and to chop down their space to set up a hammock at night.” He noted that in other countries where tourism is a mainstay prominent, there are “over-regulated systems” which do not allow unique adventure opportunities like Guyana.

Hatfield stated, “Guyana has a great opportunity to start a system that really invokes a sense of adventure and independence and showcases everything the country has to offer. “They want that experience and here it is. You just have to tell the world about it.” 

Director of the Guyana Tourism Authority, Brian Mullis remarked that one of the main roles of the GTA is to raise awareness about Destination Guyana.

“By attracting travellers who are interested in nature, culture and adventure, you would have a more responsible approach to help tourism live up to its promise, to help to preserve our environment, protect our cultural heritage and drive local economic development.”

The travel bloggers are expected to share their experiences on their various social media platforms which are aimed at targeting persons interested in adventure travels.

During the press debriefing, team members shared their experiences from the trip and expressed their desire to visit again. They were also presented with souvenirs.

Anara Khan.

Images:  Keno George.

Editor’s Note: Hard Adventure includes trekking, climbing (mountain, rock and ice) and caving. These activities are high risk and require a high level of specialised skill. This is opposed to Soft adventure which describes the type of adventure tourism that requires little or no experience and is low risk.