Guyana looking to become an education leader

to ensure equity in learning

The Ministry of Education intends to improve the quality of Guyana’s education system to a level that would see it parallel to or outstrip those within the region and further afield. 

The assertion came from newly-appointed Education Specialist Olato Sam during an interview with DPI on Friday. 

“It is time that we can make those kinds of declarations, and we are working towards making sure that happens,”Mr.Sam said. 

He added that the aim is to provide a greater degree of equity to ensure that Guyanese receive a high quality of education. 

Mr. Sam said he would work with the Minister of Education Hon. Priya Manickchand to help her realise her vision of improving education in Guyana.  

According to Mr. Sam, this is an ideal opportunity to put actions to the ideas that Minister Manickchand has highlighted as essential to education in Guyana. 

Sam, who had served as Chief Education Officer under the previous PPP/C Administration, stated that he was excited to work with the Minister and the Ministry to help enhance education in Guyana.

Mr. Sam is an educator, administrator and leader in the education fraternity with over twenty-five years of service in the field. He holds a Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Sociology, Anthropology and Education from Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania; a Master’s Degree in International Education/Concentration in Latin America and Caribbean Studies from New York University. He is now a PhD Candidate of the University of the West Indies, Mona Jamaica, where his thesis on Education Policy and Planning is under examination.