Guyana Police Force committed to good governance – Crime is down

DPI, Guyana, Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Commissioner of Police Leslie James DSS, earlier today said the Guyana Police Force stands resolute to ensure the continuity of good governance.

Speaking at the annual Police Officers’ Christmas Breakfast at Eve Leary, the newly appointed Commissioner sought to reassure the nation of the Force’s commitment to higher standards.

“The force is in good hands and I wish to assure the nation that we will continue to take strides to maintain the nobleness of this organisation. I have reminded the ranks of the need for professionalism. I have reminded them of the need to have exemplary conduct,” James said.

In addition, the Commissioner said no effort will be spared to discipline errant members and steps are being made to revise the standing orders of the Guyana Police Force. He also said systems are being implemented to ensure ranks are motivated.

“We will not spare any effort to discipline any rank. What have we recognised, however, is that the standing orders were not always executed. We have recommended that there be with immediate effect a restoration of the training and the promotion boards. We have also recommended that there should also be a traffic advisory board. These boards will ensure the functionality of the Guyana Police Force I should also report to you that we have taken steps to revise some aspects of our standing orders because when reviewed some of these orders appear to be archaic,” the Commissioner explained.

James also highlighted that the current thrust of the hierarchy of the Police Force is one of working towards reformation and efficiency.

“We have embarked on a reformation plan, compliments of the government.  Consultations have been held and those recommendations have been submitted and are currently being implemented. We have embarked on three main pillars, these are Training, Infrastructure and Human Resource Management. You would have seen some movements, some shifts of persons in the force this is in keeping with our position that we need to have continuity and proper governance of the force.

In addition, Commissioner James says there has been a continued reduction in crimes and the situation is not one of gloom and doom as is touted by certain sections of the society. While acknowledging the challenges faced by the crime-fighting agency, he said the Guyana Police Force has seen a reduction in crimes in the year 2018 when compared to that of 2017.

“The year commenced with some issues but through a collective effort, we have pulled through to this point. I am happy to report that serious crime is down by 11 percent. We have seen a marked decrease in our serious crimes – last year we have had 289 and this year to date we have had 228.”

Present at the simple occasion were Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and Minister of Public Security, Khemraj Ramjattan. The Prime Minister in brief remarks congratulated the hierarchy of the Police Force and encouraged them to remain resolute in their crime fight.

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Images: Kawise Wishart.