Guyana sports sector in a better place – Min. Ramson

Guyana’s sports sector is at a “better place” than ever before due to the significant investment made by the PPP/C Government to foster growth amongst talented athletes.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Charles Ramson alluded to this on the sidelines of the launch of the Timehri Sands Golf Project Thursday last.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Charles Ramson

“As far as sports is concerned, I don’t think we have ever been in a better place. I think anybody who says otherwise they are lying to themselves,” he emphasised.

The minister further noted that one of the first decisions made by the government was the overhaul and construction of sports facilities such as community grounds, stadiums, and indoor facilities across the country for the overall improvement of seasoned and budding talents.

He revealed that government is already reaping the benefits of its significant investment as athletes are already engaged in more championships and competition than ever before.

“So, we are very pleased with the development and the trajectory,” he said.

Additionally, the minister reiterated the government’s commitment of creating and enhancing key facilities for youths to be meaningfully engaged. 

Noteworthy enough, Minister Ramson highlighted that hundreds of persons, young and old are utilising these facilities.

Key examples of this are the gymnasium and rehabilitated community grounds all across Guyana.

“Those are safe spaces for young people and sometimes for all people but just consider the alternative where would they go had they not have this space.”

Meanwhile, the completion of the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall is underway and will add to the complement of sporting facilities available to Guyanese.

The sports hall is currently being revamped into the country’s first indoor air-conditioned facility.

Seating and floor works are expected to be completed this year, as finishing works on the front of the facility nears completion.

The Anna Regina and Linden Mackenzie ground will also be added to the number of sporting facilities available early next year.

The first two phases of work were completed, which entailed the building of the grounds and light installation.

The building of the stands, and player pavilions among others will be executed in 2025.

The sports minister assured that works are ahead of schedule and within budget.