Guyana, Suriname resources will revolutionise the world – Suriname’s President

With the uptake of new resources in Guyana and Suriname, President Chandrikapersaud Santokhi believes that strong collaborations between the two countries will revolutionise the world and open a plethora of opportunities for their citizens.

The Surinamese president made these remarks on Saturday at the ceremony to launch the Guyana\Suriname Chamber of Commerce at the Pegasus Hotel and Corporate Centre, in Kingston, Georgetown.

Suriname President, Chandrikapersaud Santokhi

“Jointly, we could utilise the wealth that we have with the Amazon Forest while at the same time looking at the new opportunities in the area of oil and gas. With the emergence of gas off the coastland area of Guyana and also of Suriname, we can develop both countries on the east side of Guyana and the west side of Suriname as the most industrial developed area,” President Santokhi stated.

The president stressed that Guyana and Suriname could jointly exploit the bauxite and natural gases that exist in both countries.

“With the wealth that we have as two nations in terms of forest coverage, the carbon credit…Other natural resources, and our diverse community, I believe that we are the leaders of the world,” President Santokhi said.

Such leadership could also be strengthened with the already existing and effective ties that both countries share, the Suriname leader underscored.

Senior Minister in the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance and Public Service, Dr Ashni Singh, and Suriname’s President, Chandrikapersaud Santokhi

Over the years, the two countries have established a platform for direct communication and cooperation.

And with the forging of their respective private sectors, both nations are poised to build a resilient and transparent economy.

“Connections with the region…will enable us to function as a hub for the Caribbean. So, all the Caribbean countries will also be benefitting from our investment in Guyana and Suriname,” the head of state posited.

He also disclosed plans by Guyana, Suriname, and Brazil to have a ferry service operate in the geographical territories of the regions.

This, he said, aims to build a sub-regional integration by having infrastructure such as port facilities being developed to access each other’s services.