Guyana’s Culture, Tourism attractions to be showcased at Caribbean studies conference

The University of Guyana in collaboration with a series of cultural and media production outfits will present “Recollections” for the opening of the Caribbean Studies Associations online annual conference on Monday, May 31.  Over 1000 professionals in various fields and hundreds of youths from across the globe are expected to participate in the five-day event for which the University of Guyana is the local organising partner.

“Recollections” is a mixed genre mixed media virtual presentation. The performance reflects that Guyana is a diverse country in every way, culturally, geographically, environmentally, and otherwise. “Recollections”  therefore pays homage to that diversity and to those old civilizations from which our people came and met the peoples who had already been here. Re-collecting that existence does not begin with slavery or indenture.  “Recollections” locates agency and memory through the work of notable Guyanese poets all of whom have passed to the ancestors. Seymour, Dass, Khalicarran and Carter’s reflections on our identity and evolution as a people are performed in music, dance, oratory and shot on historical locations in Guyana especially for this conference.

“Recollections” is a multi-layered comment on Guyana through performance. It is produced by the Theatre Guild of Guyana with the Department of Events, Conferences and Communications (DECC) of the University, collaborating with Unique Arts, Waves of Emotions, Roshini Bhodoo, the Confucius Centre at the University of Guyana, Nadre Designs and Royce Doorn.

The Theatre Guild of Guyana is the oldest surviving cultural organization in Guyana and is one of the oldest playhouses in the Caribbean. It was founded in 1947 and still is the major seat of amateur performance training in Guyana. The Caribbean Studies Association and the University of Guyana are honoured to partner with them in this  pathbreaking production. 

Apart from the cultural performances, this CSA conference will feature many concurrent discussions on issues related to three major sub-themes namely, 1. “Identity, Politics and Caribbean Development, 2. “Industry and Ecology” and 3. “Industry and the Intelligent Economy.” 

There will be several Keynote presentations including by Prof Paloma Mohamed,  Dr. Tavis Jules, President of CSA and London-based Guyanese novelist, Dr Michelle Yaa Asantewa. 

This year, for the first time, because of the virtual nature of the programme, the University of Guyana, along with the Caribbean Studies Association, is offering free registration for Guyanese teachers, students and NGOs to the virtual event.  So far over 759 young people from Guyana and around the world have signed up for free conference registration, which includes entry into a virtual Caribbean party with DJ FLEXX. Those wishing to take advantage of free registration, must register before Saturday 29 May 2021. To register, please click here

The Caribbean Studies Association is an independent, professional organization devoted to the promotion of Caribbean studies from a multidisciplinary, multicul-tural point of view. It is the primary association for scholars and practitioners working on the Caribbean Region (including Central America and the Caribbean Coast of South America). Its members come from the Caribbean Region, North America, South America, Central America, Europe and elsewhere. Founded in 1974 by 300 Caribbeanists, the CSA now has over 1100 members.

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