Guyana’s strategic commitment to the SDGs shines amid global challenges, as applauded by UN Resident Coordinator

During a recent engagement with media representatives, Yeşim Oruç, UN Resident Coordinator, pointed out that while most countries are falling behind on Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) targets, Guyana stands out as one of the few nations at a midway point, dedicated to achieving the goals by 2030.

Oruç acknowledged the shared challenges faced by countries, including an uneven recovery from COVID-19 and an international financial architecture with unequal access to core financing needs.

UN Resident Coordinator, Yeşim Oruç

Against the backdrop of the critical status of the SDGs across the 193 United Nations member states and the many obstacles, she noted that Guyana is leveraging its natural resource wealth and implementing stringent budgetary discipline to propel the country towards SDG achievement.

“In terms of planning and budgetary practices, we do think there are very good practices that other countries in the region but also globally would be worthy of replication and learning more about,” the UN Resident Coordinator asserted.

In a collective effort to address pressing global challenges such as poverty, access to food and water, and climate change, countries committed to a set of 17 interconnected goals.

Notably, in Guyana, there is a significant emphasis on enhancing access to fresh and clean water, particularly in vulnerable communities, some of which are situated in the hinterland regions of the country.

Oruç commended Guyana for its dedicated efforts in delivering clean water to these communities, showcasing the nation’s commitment to achieving broader global goals.

She also praised the country’s Low Carbon Development Strategy (LCDS), a comprehensive framework outlining Guyana’s ambitious plans for climate and energy security.

UN Resident Coordinator, Yeşim Oruç addressing media representatives

Guyana’s recent acclaim for its efforts in climate, energy, and food security has garnered international attention. The Commonwealth Secretariat has appointed Guyana to develop a framework on climate change and forest preservation, recognising its leadership in these critical areas.

Looking ahead, Guyana is set to play a significant role in the global climate discourse. The country will actively participate in the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference, also known as COP 28.

Further, Oruç urged stakeholders to explore the voluntary national review reports, acknowledging their technical complexity but emphasising their importance. She said the reports not only provide insights into Guyana’s progress but also offer examples, lessons learned, and best practices.

The Government of Guyana is actively promoting inter-agency cooperation across ministries, recognising the need for collaborative efforts to address multifaceted SDG targets.