Guyanese are tired of race politics – Minister Todd

-urges Coalition to embrace inclusive governance

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Hugh Todd says the matter of “race politics” needs to be put to rest.

The Minister said it is a serious issue that is frequently used by the Coalition to create hostility and division in the society and as a “proud Black Guyanese” in Government, it is an issue he has to address.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Hon. Hugh Todd

The Foreign Affairs Minister was at the time lending support to Budget 2021 in the National Assembly.

Minister Todd said the rumblings of race politics is not being heard by working-class people of African descent in Guyana, despite the efforts of the Coalition.

“I am going to those communities and I am hearing a totally different story. They are telling me that enough is enough. They are tired of the race politics and they are tired of the misrepresentation of the working-class Blacks in this country,” he said.

Minister Todd said race politics has been used perpetually by the Coalition to confuse the Black working-class people of Guyana. However, the Government is confronting the issue as it should not persist in any 21st century society that wants to build a future for all.

“On this side of the House, we are going to put that to rest by ensuring each and every Guyanese citizen is fairly treated and fairly catered for in a society that is open, all-encompassing and has the value system that will allow each and every one to participate in the development process,” he said.

The Minister told the National Assembly that the Government presented a Budget that was dictated, crafted and directed by the people. The Minister said the way the previous administration allocated resources over the last five years was disastrous, with policies that were politically, economically and socially extractive. 

This means, he said, that they exploited State resources while excluding the citizenry and destroying the economy. He also said the Coalition lacked respect for accountability, transparency and the rule of law.

“We on the Government side always adhere to good governance and the rule of law, accountability and transparency. That is why we are able to stand here today presenting a Budget that is for the people,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Minister said feedback from his several outreaches countrywide has been the same, that the people have not seen an APNU/AFC Minister in their village since 2015.

The exercise by Ministers of the PPP/C Government creates joy and satisfaction to the people as they have a Government interacts with them one on one, listening to their needs and priorities. He said this is something they were denied for the last five years, especially those in Region 10 who gave President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali an ‘A’ grade for his leadership in Government.