Guyanese artistes honoured for hard work, building Guyana’s entertainment industry

Several Guyanese artistes were on Tuesday awarded for their hard work and contributions to building Guyana’s entertainment industry after competing in the 2024 annual Mashramani competitions which were hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport.

The artistes were awarded for participating and coming out on top at the Calypso, Soca Monarch, and Chutney competitions that were all held in February.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jnr speaking at the 2024 Mashramani award ceremony

In an interview with the Department of Public Information (DPI) at the National Cultural Centre where the award ceremony was held, a few of the artistes expressed their profound gratitude to the ministry for allowing them this platform to showcase their talent.

A joyful Calvin Burnette, who won first place in the adult Soca Monarch with his song ‘Handy Man’, said that he is delighted to be recognised for his talent that has brought excitement to Guyana’s music industry.

“I think this was a good look and it’s a good showcase for Guyana and we as artists just have to keep representing our country. I am happy that Minister Ramson and the President himself are seeing what is going on and appreciate what is happening and so they are focused on investing more into the art,” the young man stated.

Similar sentiments were also shared by the 2024 reigning Chutney King, Parasram Singh who sang, ‘Gone Away.’

“The competition itself was a privilege and honour and I would encourage anyone who knows that they have the talent to join. The Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sport has been a big part of my career and I am so pleased to be a part of their activities,” Singh expressed.

The new Chutney King, Parasram Singh

Meanwhile, young Osei Clark said that it was not an easy road since he participated in three participated.

He was, however, able to be successful in all thanks to the ministry’s support.

“I am thankful for the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports for giving us this opportunity and giving us the platform to express ourselves creatively,” Clark who brought first place at the Senior Calypso Monarch with his song ‘Promise Land’ told DPI.

Other artistes who also brought spaces from fourth to first in various categories were also awarded.

Osei Clark who brought first in the Senior Calypso Monarch

Bands and entities who participated in the steel pan and costume competitions were also rewarded for their enthusiastic performance.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Charle Ramson Jnr told the artistes and other performers present that it is the ministry’s duty to craft and implement programmes and platforms that will give Guyanese the opportunity to shine so that they can develop themselves and actively contribute to the positive transformation of the country.

“When you think about the idea that you have and you believe within yourself and know that there is someone doing it with you…you get an opportunity to change your life, your family lives and the world which is extremely powerful. So, we take the time to invest in you guys because it matters to us,” Minister Ramson said.

The minister assured that the government will continue to invest in the entertainment industry so that more opportunities can be created for Guyana’s performers.