Guyanese welcome historic $1.1 trillion budgetary allocations

Citizens residing on the West Coast of Demerara are pleased with the historic $1.146 trillion budget allocations.

One resident, Valerie Arthur told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that the budget is good as it “assists the single parents and the lower-class workers who draw salary below the $100,000 because remember now that the cost of living high and the money was way below that…so, the increase, I feel a little satisfied about it.”

Valerie Arthur

Further, she ecstatically shared her plans of taking advantage of the Small Business Support provided by the government to boost her vending business.

Overjoyed James Cowsill shared his personal view on the budget noting that “it is a wonderful budget. The budget has been carted by a man who has a vision.

James Cowsill

“We talking about bridges, road, you talking about hospitals, you talking about building schools, and all of this has been put in place from the budget 2024,” he said.

Another citizen, Olatorera Lanferman shared her heartfelt gratitude to the government for the increase in the ‘Because We Care’ children’s school cash grant.

Olatorera Lanferman

“The Because We Care Cash Grant is very helpful to me and my child and my granddaughter.”

Similarly, she emphasised that the $100,000 tax threshold on salary will greatly assist in providing for her family.

“The $100,000 yeah, I am so happy for it that it is tax free. At least it raised and it can put a little more on my table and help out with my bills right.”

She welcomed the entire budget, highlighting its benefits for the lower-class citizens and the many opportunities now available to them.

“We get a far better life through this budget,” Lanferman said.

Everton Daury

Additionally, Everton Daury said, “I can see a lot of deductions and these kinds of things allocated in the budget. There is a lot of allocations and I sure that they are going to make progress on it.”

Simone Bowen also shared similar sentiments.

Simone Bowen

“I think that the government is heading in the right perspective once they hold on to their promises and not just be like the talks things can work out for the better of all Guyanese people.”

The budget is the largest to be tabled and promises to be economically friendly and meets every aspect of the country, from infrastructural development to resources and adequate financing of the citizens, ranging from children to adults.