GWI committed to completion of Georgetown transmission upgrades

The upgrading of transmission pipelines in the Kitty area has been extended beyond the March 30 timeline, owing to the inclement weather. Nevertheless, works are progressing smoothly. Chairman of the Guyana Water Incorporated Board of Directors, Mr. Ramesh Dookhoo, the company’s CEO – Mr. Shaik Baksh and other technical officials visited Republic Street today where works are ongoing and updated residents on the status of the project.

Interacting with residents during the walk through, Mr. Dookhoo explained that the replacement of the transmission mains will result in an improved level of service and quality of water. In order to facilitate the laying of the pipelines, the roads needed to be excavated, making it inaccessible to vehicular traffic. The Chairman assured residents however that GWI will reinstate the roads to crush and run standard, after which the Ministry of Public Works will complete the asphalt road.

Meanwhile, Mr. Baksh noted that in addition to the inclement weather that caused the delay, there were a number of variations to the project specifications, which included excavating below culverts to lay the lines.

“Some of the roads have been reinstated already to crush and run level and from the comments of the residents in this area, they’ve given their full support and they understand. We at GWI really appreciate their understanding of what is taking place and within the next six weeks, this project should be completed”, the CEO stated.

He noted that similar works are expected to be undertaken in other areas in Georgetown so as to complete the upgrading of the entire Georgetown network.

Mr. Afraz Ally, Engineer attached to R.Kissoon Contracting Services (the Contractor executing the works) described works as being 75 percent complete. He noted that works include pressure testing the system, interconnection of pipelines and paving the road. He noted that they are committed to completing the project within the newly extended timeline.

The execution of this project had commenced in 2017 but hiccups were encountered due to the previous contractor’s failure to meet his obligations. The contract was terminated and legal proceedings were instituted against the defaulting contractor in the High Court. This matter is pending.

The project is funded by the Government of Guyana.

GWI is seeking the co-operation of residents within the project areas during the execution of these works and thanks them for their patience and understanding during this period.