GWI Reiterates Call for Consultations Prior to Construction in Georgetown

We wish to take this opportunity to remind contractors of the need to consult with us prior to construction at building sites in and around Central Georgetown. This is necessary because of the location of our sewer chambers. 

Recently, failure to engage us for guidance prior to construction at the St. Roses High School, resulted in sand entering the sewer chambers.

This caused blockage to the sewer lines as far as Camp and Murray Streets, while at the school itself, the gully chambers were found packed with sand and construction debris.

The situation was compounded by the presence of a large amount of solid waste in the manholes and street sewers, which was seemingly entered by way of littering. 

Contrary to reports in sections of the media however, no sewage was found in the school’s compound. Instead, the construction waste is what prevented toilets in the school from being flushed.

When sewer chambers are blocked, it can eventually result in sewage backup into homes. 

Contractors who fail to adhere to GWI’s guidelines and policies can face penalties ranging from GYD$15,000 to GYD$90,000, depending on the nature and/or magnitude of the offence.