GWI warns against tampering of service lines during Phagwah celebrations

DPI, GUYANA, Tuesday, February 27, 2018

The Guyana Water Incorporated’s (GWI), Director of Operations, Dwayne Shako is calling on persons to not damage and tamper with the network during the Phagwah celebrations or they may face serious penalties.

Persons caught tampering or breaking the water lines or removing and bypassing meters in order to access water, will be fined close to $60,000 and one-year imprisonment. “We will prosecute you to the full extent if we find that you have been playing around with the service connection. The Georgetown Sewerage and Water Commissioners (GS&WC) has given us the authority to do so, and we are not afraid to use it.”

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI), the Director of Operations reminded that tampering with the networks severely impacts GWI’s operations and customers. He told, DPI that if there is a breakage in the network, it results in the flow of water becoming inconsistent leading to what is known as a negative pressure.

He further explained that this means that the water from the line, trench or surrounding areas goes back into the network extensively reducing the pressure in that network. This also contaminates it with fecal coliform bacteria and other pathogens that can cause severe illness. “So, it is important that customers understand that they have to be vigilant to protect their own network or they too would suffer.”

According to the Director of Operations, over the years during the Phagwah celebrations, tampering and damage to the networks have been prevalent in some areas and in some instances, persons would even enter the Shelterbelt Pump Station to tamper with the network to access water.

Shako stressed that “should we reach a situation where customers tamper with the network, we will shut down the service in whichever area it happens and the customers there, and even in close by areas, who receive water from that area will be affected. So, if you see persons in your area tampering with the network or playing around with the service, you need to report them because that once that is done it compromises the water quality or accessibility.”


By: Ranetta La Fleur