GWI warns of fake disconnection crew

—“this is NOT an instruction from us” – GWI  Managing Director

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, March 19, 2020

The Guyana Water Incorporation (GWI) is advising its customers to be on the lookout for persons purporting to be employees of the company who are visiting homes and disconnecting their water supply.


Managing Director, GWI Dr. Richard Van-West.

During a press conference held today, Managing Director of GWI Dr. Richard Van-West Charles made it clear that these persons do not work for the company.

“This is not an instruction from us!” Dr. Van West Charles emphasised.

He advised customers to ensure persons claiming to be employed with GWI, identify themselves by displaying their badges which will clearly show their photograph and name.

Customers are also urged to be vigilant and report any attempt by persons trying to disconnect their water supply.

“We ask you to be aware of people moving around in communities attempting to remove your service and asking that you pay. This is not a legal activity and I ask you to report any such activity that has been seen in communities across the country,” Dr. Van-West Charles urged.

The Managing Director said GWI understands the importance of a regular water supply especially with the presence of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country.

To this end, he explained that the company is working to ensure squatting communities have access to potable water at this crucial time. “As far as possible try to ensure there is access to water via a standpipe,” he explained.