Haag Bosch and UG road to get facelift

─ works to commence once weather is favourable

DPI, Guyana, Saturday, August 17, 2019

The Haag Bosch road along with the street just east of the University of Guyana (UG) that extends past the Guyana Forensic Laboratory will soon be rehabilitated. Minister of Public Infrastructure, Hon. David Patterson made this known during an interview with the Voice of Guyana (VOG) programme on Saturday.

Minister Patterson mentioned that the decision was made during a meeting on Thursday, August 15 with the relevant officials within the Public Infrastructure Ministry.

Referencing the Haag Bosch road, the minister said, “we are going to do some work to repair it very shortly… In the short term we are going to fix it. It is about two or three bad patches. We are going to fix those… immediately as soon as the weather allows us.”

While admitting the changing weather pattern has resulted in a prolonged rainy season that has so far hindered the roadworks, Minister Patterson pointed to another challenge.

“We have to have a discussion with the communities concerning the type of vehicles that are using the road. It was never built for the heavier traffic and the volume of traffic that is there at the moment,” Minister Patterson stated.

According to the Minister, it is not feasible for rehabilitative roadwork to be done during unsuitable conditions.

Regarding the road east of UG, Minister Patterson explained the road, “is sandwiched between two canals… the shoulders are not stable enough and then of course trucks are coming down [the road].”

Staff at the ministry informed Minister Patterson during last Thursday’s meeting that the road will need steady repairs should truck continue to traverse its surface. As such, Minister Patterson made known his request for only cars, buses and other light to medium weight be allowed to travel on the road.

In an appeal to safeguard the use of the road, Minister Patterson urged the public to play their role in calling out operators of heavy-duty trucks that may tend to use the road. The Ministry of Public Infrastructure will be installing barriers along to road to serve as a deterrent for truck drivers on the UG road.