Head Teachers benefit from leadership training

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DPI, Guyana, Monday, April 9, 2018

Some fifty (50) head teachers and education officers drawn from Primary schools across the ten administrative regions are participating in an Education Leadership Conference which is being held at Duke Lodge, Kingston, Georgetown. The meeting forms part of National Center for Education Resource Development’s (NCERD) work plan to improve education delivery in Guyana.

Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry.

It will also capture and reflect the views of the school leaders on the impact of change on leadership, curriculum, and accountability. It will bring together research experts in the field of leadership to share best practices on new and emerging knowledge and understanding of significant aspects of leadership.

During her feature address, Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry noted that the conference will provide the participants with foundational information on leadership concepts, theories, and approaches that are frequently utilised in the delivery of, particularly, public education.

Minister Henry stated that although leadership involves power, authority, and vision, a ‘system thinking’ approach focuses on the leader’s ability to connect with the broader structure of resources for problem-solving.  She further added that leaders who use this ‘system thinking’ approach, access the necessary resources both inside and outside an organisation to motivate others towards goals and solutions.

The minister said that participants must examine their own style of leadership and make informed choices to address issues and challenges.

“Be sure to be involved in networking, I hope that you work with others in solving problems in your tabletop exercises, share ideas and best practices and hopefully that will encourage professional growth… We have a great opportunity at this time through this conference for growth, exploration, learning, and development. In order to achieve the best in education, the ministry recognises that there must be professional development and capacity building,” Minister Henry told the participants.

[From left] Head of Leadership in Education Services Ltd’, Dennise Hilliman, Minister of Education, Nicolette Henry, and Chief Education Officer (CEO), Marcel Hutson at the launch of the Education Leadership Conference at Duke Lodge, Kingston, Georgetown.

The conference, she pointed out, supports the high priority that the government places on education to advance its development and to set the pace for the much-needed change that is needed in education today. It is also testimony to the administration’s commitment to enhancing the delivery of quality education throughout the country.

Meanwhile, Chief Education Officer (CEO) Marcel Hutson remarked that the workshop is a response to the challenges and needs of the education system.

Hutson charged the participants to remain focused and all the absorb all the information being imparted to them, “and more importantly, seek to transfer what you will learn to the classroom and to all those who are under your steer of influence. Let this not just be another workshop, let us become servants and rise to the occasion of empowering those beautiful minds that await the manifestation of the giftings that are within us”.

The project which is funded by the Ministry of Education through NCERD at a cost of £7,000.

The training session is being facilitated by Head of Leadership in Education Services Ltd’, Dennise Hilliman, along with University of Guyana’s Vice-Chancellor, Professor Ivelaw Griffith, Head of Human Development CARICOM, Myrna Bernard, and Chief Education Officer, Marcel Hutson, and Dr. Henry Jeffery.  There will also be facilitators from the private sector including Raymond Smith of Scotia Bank, entrepreneurs Stanley and Collin Ming, Dr. Roshan Khan, Ansa McAl’s Director Beverly Harper as well as London based Dr. Veronica Broomes.

A section of those who attended the conference.

An Aurora artiste performing a dramatic piece.


By: Synieka Thorne