Health Ministry assembles team to examine police constable’s death

A team comprising personnel from the Ministry of Health and PAHO/WHO has been assembled to look into the death of a police constable, which was reported to the Ministry.

Minister Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony said the constable’s medical records and the results of the autopsy would be examined to determine if there is a link between him being inoculated with two vaccines for chicken pox and later consuming filaria pills.

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr. Frank Anthony

The Minister made this disclosure during this COVID-19 update on Wednesday.

“I heard about this last night and the Ministry has launched an investigation because we have to ascertain the facts before we can make any pronouncement. We’ve heard that two vaccines were given to this person, and at the same time he also took the filaria tablets. I don’t know at this point in time, whether that is indeed so. We will have to investigate it.

Minister Anthony said a review of the safety profile of the filaria tablet would show very minimal side effects, however, an investigation would be done.

“Generally, when we reviewed the safety profile of say the filaria tablets, you are not supposed to have any adverse event like this. And, therefore, in my view, it might be purely coincidental. But nevertheless, we have to allow this investigation to take its course, and let the experts review it and then we will be able to report on what their findings are.”

The police rank, who was stationed at the Grove Police Station, East Bank Demerara is said to have collapsed around 6pm on Tuesday in the police barracks. He was later pronounced dead at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.