Health sector, economy to be further revitalised through allocations in Budget 2024 – Drs Ramsarran, Westford

As day three of the national budget debates concluded late Wednesday night, emphasis was being placed on advancing the health sector and the country’s overall development.

Members of Parliament (MP) Dr Bheri Ramsarran and Dr Jennifer Westford commended the Senior Minister within the Office of the President with responsibility for Finance, Dr Ashni Singh, for producing an early budget which is built on achievements made in previous fiscal years.

Member of Parliament Dr Bheri Ramsarran

According to the MP Dr Ramsarran, unlike the APNU\AFC budget, this 2024 one will see the Ministry of Health bringing in further income into the country with the various trainings it will be hosting for health professionals both locally and internationally.

“The health sector can bring in money into the country not only by offering services of a particular nature but by actually teaching about those services. And that is why the opposition should make known to themselves the training being offered by the Ministry of Health,” Dr Ramsarran stated.

Additionally, he added, that a significant increase in the health allocation will advance the construction of six regional hospitals in various regions.

This, he said, will further modernise the country’s health sector, making it a critical part of the country’s investment.

Additionally, debuting opposition Member of Parliament, Khemraj Ramjattan statement of the budget not having anything for the poor, Dr Westford stressed that every citizen will be benefitting from the transformational measures earmarked in the budget through the increased allocations.

Member of Parliament Dr Jennifer Westford

“Mr Speaker, this future-securing budget is replete with measures that are designed to further increase the benefits derived by all citizens of this dear land of ours over the last three years. This 2024 budget staying the course along with the building of prosperity for all is optimum,” Dr Westford explained.

Meanwhile, listing the many infrastructural developments that the government has undertaken during the past three years, the government MP believes that the opposition does not want to support the budget as a result of the PPP\C progress causing them to shiver in shame and guilt.

She argued that these investments have not only boost the economy in a short span of time, but it also sets the foundation for long term economic growth.