Healthcare delivery boosted – 35 graduate as lab technicians, pharmacy assistants

The Ministry of Health continues its efforts to provide training opportunities in a number of professional areas, as government advances its plan to improve health care delivery countrywide. 

Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo hands over trophy to the class valedictorian, Gabriel Thomas.

On Thursday, 31 students graduated as medical laboratory technicians, and four as pharmacy assistants at a ceremony held at the Wind Jammers International Conference Hall, Georgetown.

The training programme was undertaken through the ministry’s clinical and technical programmes.

This 2022 graduating batch saw residents from all the administrative regions with the exception of Two and Six participating in a three-year training course.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr Narine Singh handing over certificate to a graduand.

Director-General of the Ministry of Health, Dr. Vishwa Mahadeo M.P., during his feature remarks noted that striving to become better caregivers, and continuous educational advancement are important areas of health necessary for a better future.

“We have to make things happen. If you do the same thing every day tomorrow is going to be the same as today, or even worse, because as you get older, things like sickness and disease, maybe something other than COVID comes along, but if you strive to become better and you put in the energy, the dedication, the discipline, the hard work then tomorrow is going to be better,” he said.

Student of Region One, Conan Lewis while speaking at his graduation.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic. students endured numerous challenges, which Dr. Mahadeo explained, has also made way for improvements as new methods were established for students to continue the programme.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr Narine Singh encouraged the graduating class to continue advancing their educational journey.

The graduated call of 2022.

“Continue to upgrade yourself, we’ve seen many pharmacy assistants go on to become pharmacists, we’ve seen many go on to become medical technologists, and this is a gateway, so don’t stop at this level, push yourself to go up to high levels,” Dr. Singh said.

Additionally, since the government took office in 2020, hundreds of community health workers, pharmacy assistants, laboratory technicians and nurses, have been trained, providing job opportunities, while filling the gaps in the health sector.

The 35 graduates are expected to return to their respective regions to serve.