Healthcare in Region Nine being transformed – Dr Mahadeo

Region Nine residents are benefitting from improved access to healthcare and services as the government over the past two years has invested millions of dollars to transform the health sector in the region.

Speaking with the Department of Public Information (DPI) upon the conclusion of a four-day medical outreach, Director General Dr Vishwa Mahadeo and Regional Health Officer (RHO) Dr Cerdel McWatt outlined some of the health initiatives the region benefitted from.

Director General at the Ministry of Health, Dr Vishwa Mahadeo

When the PPP/C Government assumed office in 2020, it discovered the health sector in a dilapidated state and hinterland areas were neglected by the past administration.  Dr Mahadeo explained that the majority of the health posts in Region Nine were out of staff and in some cases, they were left unmanned.

Now, with the Ministry of Health decentralising healthcare programmes, 62 Community Health Workers (CHW) were trained in Region Nine and are now in service to the people.

The Masakenari Health Post situated in Deep South Rupununi, that benefitted from upgrades

There is no shortage of drugs and medical supplies in the region.

The Director General said, “All the facilities that I visited said they have 100 per cent of supplies and that 100 per cent supplies have been there since last year. We’re hoping to maintain that…Health in Region Nine has been transformed and the transformation process is ongoing.”

He further noted that the Pharmacist Assistant Programme will be launched by next month.

Dr McWatt highlighted that all 53 health posts received major upgrades in 2022.

Regional Health Officer (RHO) for Region Nine, Dr Cerdel McWatt

“Persons that now access care within these areas are most definitely benefitting from an improved healthcare service as compared to what was existing,” he underscored.

The Annai, Karasabai and Sand Creek Health centres will be upgraded to district hospitals so that a wider range of services will be delivered to the people.

Services including an Accident and Emergency section, X-ray, mini operating theatre, inpatient facility, rehabilitation, speech and language therapy as well as audiology will be offered.

Dr McWatt noted, “We’re also looking at an Environmental Health Department that looks at the needs of the environment and ensure that persons are safe in terms of a controlled mechanism where they work hand in hand with the food and drug, inspection of premises, ensure that the food supply and food chain is being maintained in a safe manner.”

Four specialised outreaches will also be conducted in the region for 2023, so that persons suffering from chronic illnesses are reached.

The PPP/C Administration led by President Dr Irfaan Ali is keen on improving the healthcare system for all Guyanese.