Heavy focus on agriculture in Region Two’s 2022 budgetary plan

Region Two residents are expected to benefit from a significant boost in investment to enhance the region’s agriculture infrastructure, education, and health sectors in its 2022 budget.   

The region’s 2022 work programme is being finalised, following meetings among members of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) and the Anna Regina Town Council.

Speaking with DPI, Regional Vice Chairman Humace Oudit, said the administration intends to intensify its focus on the agriculture sector, especially on issues related to farmers and other residents.

“We will be focusing on rehabilitating farm-to-market roads, to build them as all-weather. Since we have been facing heavy rainfall, it has caused these dams to become deplorable and so, with the procurement of tractors, graders, and bulldozers among others will be useful.”

He said additional high-capacity pumps will be installed in communities like Andrews, Golden Fleece and Charity, to improve the drainage and irrigation system, especially during the rainy season. 

This direction, he said, is in keeping with the government’s goal to increase agricultural production, especially in rice.

Oudit noted that these projects aim to complement the region’s progress in its agricultural industry such as the $60 million agro-processing facility which is expected to boost the region’s economy. It will also provide a wide range of training opportunities for residents and students attached to the Guyana School of Agriculture (GSA).

In 2021, President Mohamed Irfaan Ali had announced that over 20 acres of land would become available to expand cash crop farming in the region. This includes $46 million which will be used to conduct drainage and irrigation works in over 200 acres of farmland in the Manakuru area. 

It was noted that the regional administration has also identified more community roads to be rehabilitated as asphaltic, to allow commuters to traverse with ease.

“The regional administration has been working tirelessly to address these road issues in the region and will continue to do, especially those that were neglected for many years for the benefit of our residents here,” he said.

As it relates to solid waste management, Vice-Chairman Oudit said there are plans to develop a temporary dumpsite in the Zorg en Vlygt community to fulfil the government’s commitment to promoting integrated sanitation management to safeguard human health and the environment. 

Last year, the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development had allocated some $1.1 billion via the 2021 national budget to enhance awareness of sanitation practices and solid waste management countrywide.

As such, the government concluded the construction of cell two at the Haags Bosch sanitary landfill site and the upgrade of disposal sites at Rose Hall, Port Kaituma, Belle Vue, Lethem, Lima, Charity, Lusignan and D’Edward. It included groundwork for temporary waste disposal sites in Regions Three and Five.