Heros Highway improving access, increasing property value and creating opportunities – citizens

The newly commissioned Heroes Highway, stretching across four lanes from Eccles to Great Diamond, is instrumental in alleviating traffic congestion and catalysing development along the East Bank Corridor.

The Department of Public Information (DPI) on Thursday engaged citizens, who shared their appreciation for the groundbreaking infrastructure project.

Heman Ramphal, a proud Grove resident, lauded the project as a monumental step in easing the traffic build up.

“That is extremely excellent in my opinion because I am a born Grove man ….it is a wonderful gesture and there is a lot of traffic that has been eased off.”

Heman Ramphal

Neil Rafeek hailed the highway as a gateway not just for faster commute but also the expansion of housing and land development within the Grove/ Diamond area.

“The new bypass road from Georgetown to Grove/Diamond is an excellent initiative, it is not just for the commuters… to reach their destination but also it is opening up a lot of lands, housing development within the Grove and Diamond area.”

Neil Rafeek

He further stated that development can be seen throughout Guyana.

“It does take Guyana to a different height, it is nothing about thinking, we were never there, we are there today so it is a great initiative,” he said.

Lydia Basdeo shared that, “It’s very convenient for me because I got to take my grandson all the way to Sheriff Street to school, I live at 18th Street so we just drive down at the back there and we go straight, we reach faster.” 

Lydia Basdeo

Shameika Henry expressed similar sentiments, noting that “It’s a lot of development and also it is a great initiative for all the citizens and residents that is living within Grove/Diamond and even along the East Bank. And also, it is more easier to travel to Georgetown and more easier to get access to Georgetown.”

Shameika Henry

Shantie Brummell Bumbury, recognised the highway as a timely tribute to the fallen heroes, while highlighting the added value of the area as a result of the initiative.

“Well, in any aspect when we have development it is always for the betterment. The bypass in itself serves us and it serves a great purpose. It couldn’t have been in a more timely manner to pay respect to our fallen heroes. Two, it also adds value to our area,” she told DPI.

Shantie Brummell Bumbury

Jasodra Appallsammoy expressed, “For all the persons traversing the East Bank. Less traffic, faster to your journey, easier access to the entire east bank for each and every one of the drivers.” As citizens embrace this significant advancemry, the Heroes Highway emerges as a beacon of hope, linking communities, unlocking development, and paving the way for a brighter future along the East Bank Corridor.

Jasodra Appallsammoy