HEYS programme has positive impact on St. Monica’s youths

Georgetown, GINA, July 25, 2016

Youths and facilitators of the Hinterland Employment Youth Service (HEYS) programme in St. Monica, Region Two say their participation in the programme has thus far been fruitful.

Toshao of the Pomeroon River community, James Miguel in an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA) said that youths of the village are benefitting tremendously from the programme. “Young people that you never used to see coming out to meetings, they are now coming up front, they are participating fully,” James stated.

Toshao of St. Monica, James Miguel

Toshao of St. Monica, James Miguel

The Toshao added that the introduction of the programme is also serving to unite the young people. “They realise, especially in the life skills programme, it is good that they must communicate, associate together as one.”

The HEYS programme trains youths in various fields such as carpentry, masonry, embroidery, book keeping, agriculture and tourism.

James pointed out that the programme will not only develop St. Monica youths, but also the village. “You have contractors coming from the coast and which that money has to go pay them out there, but if we have the people with the knowledge in here, we would benefit more in the community,” the toshao explained.

Facilitators of the HEYS programme received training by master trainers to effectively deliver the module to the participants. Facilitators of the programme told GINA that they are now able to better deliver the module.

Some of the participants of the HEYS programme in St. Monica, Region Two

Some of the participants of the HEYS programme in St. Monica, Region Two

Facilitator Narissa Courtman said that the training was very interesting and that she is now in a better position to teach the participants. Courtman explained, “We learn how to teach young adults and children, we learn the different techniques and we learn other different things. We find it interesting and I know the participants are learning and they will learn more and they will be successful at the end of the training.”

Over 60 students are currently participating in the HEYS programme in St. Monica.

Vernice Elliot was high in praise for the programme. “This programme is very interesting, we learn a lot so far, life skill is a very important topic… garment construction is a subject we do and capacity building is a very important topic too,” the student stated.

Petal Samuels another participant stressed, “I would encourage anybody who could make it to be here because it is very interesting.”

The HEYS programme is currently ongoing in 112 hinterland communities countrywide. It was developed to positively contribute to improving the lifestyle and living standard for hinterland youth and young adults.