Hinterland Scholarship Programme transforming lives

DPI, Guyana, Monday, July 23, 2018

“We have a mission to transform the lives of Indigenous communities over the next 20 years.”

This statement was made by Ministry of Indigenous Affairs Permanent Secretary, Alfred King while addressing the National Toshaos Council Conference at the Arthur Chung Conference Center on Thursday last.

The Permanent Secretary noted that one of the ways the ministry is achieving this is through the Hinterland Scholarship programme which is aimed at assisting students to realise their full potential whether it be academically, socially or economically.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs, Alfred King

The Hinterland Scholarship Program caters for students who are awarded places at secondary schools in the capital city or neighbouring regions if there is no higher education facility available in that region.

PS King said that while the programme has been successful thus far, there is much room for improvement disclosing that “we want more communities to benefit from our Hinterland Scholarship Programme.”

He added the programme has not been without challenges explaining that “for some communities like Baramita, that need special attention, will have to see us work overtime to provide additional support.”

It was highlighted that 122 students from Regions One, Two, Six, Seven, Nine and Ten recently graduated from the 2018 scholarship programme and the process for selection of new entrants is ongoing.

Renovation works are underway for the Hinterland Tertiary Dormitory and will be completed by September. The dormitory is expected to be fully functional by January 2018.

By: Anara Khan

Image: Keno George