Hogg island farmers get flood relief grant to resuscitate farming

Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Charles Ramson Jr., MP, on Friday said the Government’s flood relief grant may not be enough to cover all the losses farmers have experienced, but is an important start to resuscitating farming.

“We are aware that, number one this is never gonna be enough to satisfy you entirely as it relates to your agricultural produce or livestock, we know that…

But it’s a start, it’s an important start and this is helping you to get back on your feet again,” minister Ramson said.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Charles Ramson Jr., MP distributing the flood relief grant to a farmer

The minister visited Western Hogg Island where $8.5 million was distributed to the farmers there and approximately $6.8 million to farmers of Northern Hogg Island, Region Three.

Minister Ramson said the government will stand with the people of Guyana to help them recover from floods and other issues affecting them.

“The government wants to be able to stand with people and serve people…stand with you when you need it the most, we’re here, we’re gonna be here and we’re never gonna stop being here, once you continue to trust us that way,” the minister said.

Farmers awaiting their flood relief grants

Meanwhile, DPI spoke with some beneficiaries who said they are thankful for the initiative and will use the money for drainage and irrigation and purchasing seeds and other farming materials.

Devinder Kumar said, “We gon use the money now to get more drainage and irrigation that keep the water going all the time… after then we will start planting again cause is a lot we lose already,” Mr. Kumar said.

Farmer, Richard Bacon said, “I gon use it back to plant back some more seeds because all me pumpkin seed, watermelon seed everything go down the drain so what I gon do, I gon try to plant back,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bibi Rabia said “I feel very happy. I must thank the government, I intend to buy drugs [insecticide and weedicide] for my farm,” she said. Meanwhile, Minister Ramson urged residents of the two communities to get vaccinated against COVID-19. He said it is the most significant way of preventing serious illness and even death.