Hon. Raphael Trotman welcomes Mr. Alan Pangbourne, new President and CEO of Guyana Goldfields Inc.

(February 5, 2020)-Hon. Raphael Trotman today, February 5, 2020 welcomed new CEO of Guyana Goldfields Inc., Mr. Alan Pangbourne to Guyana. Mr. Pangbourne was joined by Mr. Perry Holloway, Senior Vice President, Strategy and Corporate Affairs and Mr. Peter Benny, Director, Corporate Office and Compliance.

Minister Trotman was especially interested in the company’s future development plans since the Aurora mine is an important contributor to gold production in Guyana. In response, the team shared the company’s plans to advance work with their underground mining project, and are presently working with relevant Government agencies to ensure that all necessary processes are completed expeditiously.

Minister Trotman also noted that the Government views AGM as a strategic partner and therefore wished the company to return to full strength; whilst committing to provide necessary support.

Mr. Pangbourne was appointed to President & CEO of Guyana Goldfields on January 1, 2020. Prior to this appointment, Mr. Pangbourne joined the Board of Directors as an independent Director in May 2019. He brings more than 35 years of experience in the mining industry, including open pit and underground operations to the company.