Hospital officials encourage staff, nation to take COVID-19 vaccine

On Thursday morning, the Ministry of Health rolled out its COVID-19 immunisation campaign at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation and the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention at Liliendaal.

Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Frank Anthony

In keeping with its vaccination plan, frontline healthcare workers were the first to receive their first doses of the double-dose Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, COVISHIELD.

In an invited comment to the Department of Public Information, after receiving their doses, several of the hospitals’ senior staff encouraged their colleagues to get inoculated and do their part to fight against Covid.

GPHC’s Chief Executive Officer, Brigadier (ret’d) George Lewis: “I would like to advise all members of staff who have not taken the vaccine as yet to take it as it gives you added protection against COVID-19. I took the vaccine because I believe that the vaccine helps you to protect yourself, your family members, and other members of staff. So, my advice is that once a vaccine is available to you, take it, so that we can provide total protection within Guyana.”
Director of Medical and Professional Services, Dr. Fawcett Jeffery: “The more persons that are protected by the vaccine, the slimmer the chances of spread and mutations of the virus. Do the right thing, and help society by taking the vaccine against COVID-19.”
Head of Cardiology, Dr Mahendra Carpen: “I can understand the fear that some people may have, but when you look at the scientific evidence and the scientific scrutiny and everything that is presented, it’s very clear that the benefits outweigh the risk. That’s what we look for in every medication, every new therapeutic intervention, every new medical device, the benefits versus risks, and I was comfortable with that ratio being more benefits than risks in order to take this.”
Dr. Tracey Bovell, Head of the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit Centre for Disease Control and Prevention at Liliendaal receives her first dose of the AstraZeneca COVISHIELD
Head of the COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit at the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr Tracey Bovell: “It is our responsibility not just as healthcare professionals, but as citizens of our country to assist our country and to protect ourselves and our loved ones, because by getting vaccinated, it ensures that you are protecting yourself against COVID-19. So, if I’m to say one thing, I guess it would be to make sure you get vaccinated because that is your contribution towards flattening the COVID-19 curve.”

During the daily COVID-19 update today, Minister of Health, Hon. Dr Frank Anthony emphasised the Government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of health workers across the country. He explained that the plan is to immunise all persons who are exposed to the disease daily.

“They are the first people to be able to get this vaccine because their risk is much higher than mine. I am not in the hospital every day so, we’ll prefer that those persons who have increased risk get the vaccines first and then later on as we get more vaccines, we’ll take the shot,” he said.

Over the next few months, the Ministry of Health plans to vaccinate all healthcare workers countrywide before inoculating elderly persons and persons with comorbidities.