Hundreds of Region Ten youths receive kites in time for Easter festivities

Hundreds of kites were on Saturday distributed to the children of Region Ten for the much-anticipated Easter celebration by Public Works Minister, Bishop Juan Edghill and his team.

Easter is a Christian holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Colourful kites in various shapes and sizes were distributed in the communities of Amelia’s Ward, Mackenzie, Coomacka, Nottinghamshire, Maria Elizabeth, Speightland, Block 42, Block 22, Wismar One mile, Poker Street, Blue Berry Hill, Old Kara Kara and Kara Kara Housing Scheme.

The distribution forms part of the government’s effort to spread holiday cheer to the nation’s children.

Several parents applauded the initiative declaring it a great help to parents who may not be in the financial position to purchase kites for their children.

Verna Larva said, “I am very grateful and thankful to the government for sending the kites for the children because they are very in need of it to enjoy the Easter. So, thank you Minister Edghill and the rest of the government and they can come every year.”

Another parent, Rafeena Alicock shared similar sentiments. “We are astonished and grateful that Minister Edghill has graced us once again with his presence to distribute kites to all the children of Speightland. So, that they can have a wonderful Easter. He has brought smiles to many faces and joy to every home, so we are grateful.”

Mary Daw expressed said, “I am very much glad that he (Minister Edghill) is doing something good for the children in this area because some of us parents can’t afford a kite or two for our children.”

Shawn Duke deemed the gesture as ‘very good’.

Minster Edghill also made an impromptu stop at the Abundant Life Church in Christianburg, where he left a large number of kites for the church to distribute to children.

Representative of the Church, Linda Fitkou shared that, “It is very important because some kids around this time will look forward to a kite regardless of their situations. So, we feel most glad that we can deliver kites to them to make their Easter a good one.”

Meanwhile, the minister reiterated the PPP/C Government’s commitment to tradition and the recognition of all religious observances in the country.

“The PPP/C Administration lives true to its tradition of bringing cheer to our children, happiness to homes at various festivals that are celebrated in Guyana.

“The message of Easter is God’s love, making sacrifice, making way for the happiness and prosperity of all mankind. And, it is with that spirit that I wish all of my brothers and sisters a happy Easter and I ask that we live in love,” Minister Edghill urged.