Indigenous MPs plans to push hinterland development during 12th Parliament

Thirty-three Members of Parlaiment (MPs) on the government side of the National Assembly took their Oath of Office Tuesday at the opening of the 12th Parliament. Among them are Hon. Lee Gendre Hakkim Williams, Hon. Pauline Sukhai, Hon. Yvonne Pearson, Hon. Alister Charlie and Hon. Dr. Thandika Smith all of indigenous heritage.

The five have pledged to prioritised hinterland development during their tenure in the House.

Lee Williams, who hails from Cuyuni – Mazaruni is a first time Parliamentarian. Mr. Williams told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that he is overjoyed to be amongst the members of the highest decision-making body in the country. The opportunity to enhance the lives of residents is supreme on Williams’ agenda.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the lack of technology in the Hinterland, an issue that Mr. Williams intends to address during the 12th Parliament.

“As we are in this pandemic time, my main focus is to improve information technology in every Amerindian villages in my region, because this was an issue for the children. They do not have access to internet and they are currently home doing nothing,” Mr. William explained.

Returning MP, Yvonne Pearson-Fredericks, wants to see changes in legislation specifically addressing inequalities against indigenous people. “And in cases where education, health, and infrastructure are lacking, my job is to bring it to the attention of the other legislators,” the MP hailing from Pomeroon – Supenaam (Region Two) stated.

“In every aspect in this 12th Parliament I will be representing the indigenous peoples, that’s my main focus,” Hon. Pearson-Fredericks emphasised.

The prudent selection by the administration has also seen the return of Region Nine resident, Hon. Alister Charlie to the House.

Mr. Charlie who served as a geographic MP during the 11th Parliament plans to bring to champion Amerindian land issues. “It must be dealt with first and foremost,” he vowed.

Like Hon. Pearson- Fredericks, Mr. Charlie noted that education, health services and infrastructure must also be prioritised.