Infrastructural works to start in several Region Four communities soon

Minister of Public Works, Hon. Bishop Juan Edghill, Wednesday afternoon visited several communities in various parts of the city, to inspect drainage, roads and walk paths, following appeals by several councillors.

However, before these visits, the Minister met with residents of Industry (close to the Arch) who vend along the path where roadworks and concrete drains are to be done. The residents were given an opportunity to have their say, following which Minister Edghill briefly explained Government’s plans for road and drainage development in the community.

The vendors, who were already illegally vending on the road shoulders, with both wooden and concrete structures, have been urged to remove these stalls by the weekend, and not to further delay the construction.  

“How long we know this project going on? Six months. We walked and we told everyone what we were doing, and everybody wanted the road. We have to get this road and the drainage done. Colleagues, you’ll know what we normally do, serve notice, give a timeline, and if you don’t move by then, we would move, but I don’t want to have to do that here. But at the same time I cannot have a contractor stalling and parking and work can’t continue, it’s money involved. So that is why I came myself to ask you all to please pack up, and to move by weekend so we can get this piece of road done,” Minister Edghill appealed to the vendors. 

Following this meeting, Minister Edghill visited Pentia Street where the canal separates Cummings Lodge Village from the Squatting area. This area is often used by students attending Cummings Lodge Secondary and other schools in the area. Representation for a footpath was made by the Hon. Dr. Vindhya Persaud, Minister of Human Services and Social Security, earlier this year.

Minister Edghill then visited, Fourth Street, Cummings Lodge where another footpath is to be constructed.

He then visited Constituency Nine, Lodge, where representation was made by Ms. Faye Andrea Matthews, for two footpaths to connect Durban and Hadfield Streets. Matthews is now running for Councillor of that Constituency.

“We are here in Lodge, and I understand that there are two alleyways which connect Durban and Hadfield Streets, so we are looking at these. The community has been asking for this and they have made representation through Ms. Faye Matthews, so we are out here to see what can be done,” Minister Edghill stated.

The Minister then conducted a walkabout in West Ruimveldt with Constituency Councillor Trichria Richards. Among the areas earmarked for upgrade are: the streets between Soldier Scheme, the West Ruimveldt Ground, Cool Square and Alexander Village Nursery School.

“It’s a good thing I am here now in the rain, because I am seeing firsthand what is happening, as you know, we are not a sunshine government, we are an all-weather government, so representation has been made concerning the roads and the drainage, and the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Agriculture will address these issues, and try to see how we can bring improvements.” 

The Final stop was made at the East Ruimveldt Market, which the minister noted was in desperate need of repairs and rehabilitation.

Accompanying Minister Edghill was a team of engineers and technical staff, to be able to prepare designs and estimates to commence procurement for an early start of the work.