Inherited works at CJIA to be completed by month-end – Minister Edghill

All works on the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) that were inherited by the government will be completed on schedule by the 31st of December, 2021.

This was revealed by Minister of Public Works, Bishop Juan Edghill, M.P., as he inspected ongoing works on Friday.

Minister Edghill speaking with reporters at the worksite.

Minister Edghill explained to members of the media that last year, when the current administration took office, the government began rigorous negotiations with China Harbour Engineering Corporation (CHEC).

The government expressed its concerns over several issues regarding the project such as the 71 critical items that needed to be fixed at the airport for its functionality and the over a thousand items on a master tracking list, that needed to be put in place.

Pouring the last pillar for the airports ‘Super Structure.’

“On schedule for completion on the 31st of December are all those items that we had concerns about; the 71 items and the more than thousand items on the master tracking list, now I know it’s obvious that you are still seeing work being done, all the work that was in the contract, that we inherited when we came into government as of December 31, this year will be fully completed,” Minister Edghill said.

What you’re seeing here now are the works that we negotiated with China Harbour, for China Harbour to do at their own expense because of the amended contract that we expressed dissatisfaction with, and in that contract China Harbour was supposed to do three things,” Minister Edghill noted.

According to the Public Works Minister, three critical aspects of infrastructure remain to be completed. The first one is the installment of a curtain wall, all across the front of the airport, which is currently in progress but has been delayed due to worldwide shipping issues.

The second that is being worked on is the ‘super structure.’

Curtin wall being installed at the airport

“We told them that they have to put in a super structure, which they have put in, which will accommodate about 20 concession areas, that was not part of the contract that we inherited. China Harbour, when we negotiated with them, agreed that, based upon our concerns, that they will put in the super structure, I’m happy to report to you, that they are now pouring the last beam for the super structure and once that beam is cast, they would be able to accelerate the putting in of the glass walls,” the minister explained.

The third is the addition of two corridors or the two additional boarding bridges, to accommodate type code D and E Aircraft.

He noted that the foundations for the corridors have already been prepared but based on shipping issues the government has agreed to give an extension of time to complete the new works, which is set at June 30, 2022.

As a result of the negotiations, these three aspects of the project valued approximately US$15 million are being paid for by the company.

Sammy Chan Country Manager of CHEC in Guyana.

Sammy Chan, Country Manager of China Harbour in Guyana, expressed appreciation for the government’s support. “We at China Harbour, our responsibility, we commit to finish the airport, with the high quality and before the timeline, we have set up and we will submit a perfect project.”

Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, H.E. Ambassador Guo Haiyan, who was also at the site, expressed confidence that the project will be completed on time.

Chinese Ambassador to Guyana Ambassador Guo Haiyan.

“Although there are some delays because of some difficulties beyond our control, I can see that the company China Harbour is trying their best, to finish to complete, according to the new agreement with high quality. China Harbour is a world renowned, Chinese company and I am confident that you will see a new airport that is functioning and make it convenient for travellers to Guyana,” she said.