Innovative local company joins Green Economy drive 

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-offers to share training with engineers

DPI, Guyana, Monday, June 11, 2018

The KSM Investments Inc. Concrete Products Factory has offered to train government engineers on better designs which will result in improved infrastructure, countrywide.

In keeping with the government’s ‘Green Agenda’, the company uses state of the art technology to produce concrete products including foundation blocks, pavers, and curb stones- all made with cement imported from Dominica.

Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who made a first-hand assessment of operations, commended the company for works done thus far and noted that recommendations for the training opportunity will be taken up. The Minister said that it is the government’s view that the average person must be able to benefit from better works, “Public infrastructure (works) once not done properly, are short changing people”.

The State Minister lauded the company for the skills, observed, “We should embrace products that are made in Guyana, for at the end of the day the economy is boosted.”

The request was made for Minister Harmon to visit because of the company’s concern that imported blocks, can be made locally, with better prices and internationally recognised quality.

Chairman/ Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KSM Investments Inc. Mahadeo Panchu explained that in today’s world, climate change is vital, and as such Guyana’s building codes, and infrastructure need to be modified. He said, “We must ask ourselves if our infrastructure is designed to with stand the vagaries of weather.” He added that the company is willing to work with the government to show engineers how production is done using the QGMq10 bloc factory machine.

Panchu explained that the products produced can fill the gap that exists in the construction sector and provide access to high quality concrete blocks. He is of the strong view that persons ought to get value for money hence they should use local high quality blocks as opposed to importing. He welcomed foreign investment but also believes locals should be given preference.

KSM Investments Inc. established in 2015 at Plot “MP” 8 Good Hope Public Road, East Coast of Demerara, employs approximately 20 persons, and plans to expand production and hire more staff.


By: Zanneel Williams.

Images: Jameel Mohammed.