Insufficient evidence not equal to innocence – President Granger – on Carvil Duncan issue

GINA, GUYANA, Monday, November 7 2016

President David Granger, speaking on the Carvil Duncan simple larceny case, said the ruling by the magistrate on November 2, was due to insufficient evidence, however, insufficient evidence is not equal to innocence.

President, David Granger

President, David Granger

Speaking on the latest ‘Public Interest’ programme, President Granger said, “there is a slight difference between insufficient evidence and innocence therefore, insufficient evidence (is) not equal to innocence, but I will await the findings of the Commission of the Tribunal that I had set up, and be guided by that tribunal.”

The President noted that he will not interfere in any work of the autonomous agencies except and unless he has the capacity to do so under the constitution.

“Literally the jury is still out, and I will be advised by the findings of that tribunal, but as you know, the matters on which Duncan was accused have not finished. Just one part is and other parts are still in the court, so as far as I am concerned, as far as I have been advised, he will still remain suspended,” President Granger explained.

The President pointed out that the recently appointed presidential tribunal on the Duncan case was set up because he was advised that the person against whom the accusations were made should not be sitting on four commissions; judicial, police, public service and the Guyana Defence Force.

“I have not received report of the tribunal … when I receive that report which I will, you will hear from me,” President Granger concluded.

The case against Duncan charged that on March 31, 2015 he stole $984,900 in Director’s fee which was the property of the Guyana Power and Light Incorporated (GPL).



By: Ranetta La Fleur