Ituni loggers get extension of logging concession

Min. Trotman met with the association to address their concerns

DPI, Guyana, Monday, March 11, 2019

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman’s recent visit to Ituni was to meet with residents and the Ituni Small Loggers Association, following a request from the association to address matters affecting them.

“The meeting was actually prompted by a letter received from the Ituni Small Loggers Association complaining about the inability to harvest logs,” explained Minister Trotman.

The community, the minister said, depends solely on logging hence the importance of meeting with them at the earliest possible time.

As stated in their letter and reiterated at the meeting, the concession time was short and posed difficulties for the loggers.

As a result, Minister Trotman the matter was discussed with the Commissioner of Forests who has referred it to the Board of Directors, following which an agreement was made to give them an extension.

“Their time limit for harvesting is two years, so we took a decision to extend it to three years so that they have a chance to harvest some more logs,” noted Minister Trotman.

The government’s role is to facilitate trade and commerce, and honest living, and the minister was happy to make this possible. In the meantime, the loggers were urged to get their house in order.

“If it is that they have been violating; cutting logs illegally, that has to stop… they have to ensure that they are an organised body having held elections and so forth… We are expecting that the organisation, itself, is up to scratch and we will do our part,” noted Minister Trotman. 

During the meeting, residents along with members of the Ituni Small Loggers Association expressed their gratitude to the government for the extension.

“I think, not only myself but this entire community would have received that announcement with an open heart and much gladness,” stated one member of the association.

Other matters raised by the residents, such as the need for a resident medical professional (doctor) and an ambulance, were noted by the minister, who promised to raise these matters with his respective Cabinet colleagues.

Felecia Valenzuela

Image: Anil Seelall