Jason Khan remembered as a fearless patriot, ‘best of the best’ in the force

Warrant Officer Class II Jason Khan, a distinguished and fearless patriot who served with commitment until his untimely departure earlier this month, was laid to rest on Friday.

Khan was among the five Guyana Defence Force (GDF) officers who tragically lost their lives in the Bell 412 helicopter crash while delivering supplies to troops.

Warrant Officer Class II Jason Khan

President Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali, while paying a final tribute to Khan, acknowledged his exceptional contributions to the GDF and reflected on the outstanding qualities that defined him.

“He was the Guyanese version of Rambo…he was among the best of the best in this country’s armed forces…he was a paratrooper, a platoon commander, he was a trained commando,” President Ali said.

When it came to military skills, Khan was ‘sublimed and superb,’ the president said.

“Jason Khan was a son of Guyana, his love for Guyana was limitless, he was on a mission to protect Guyana when he died,” he said.

The family, despite the difficulty of the moment, expressed a sense of fulfillment rather than anger, understanding and celebrating the crucial role Jason Khan played in safeguarding Guyana.

“This is a family that understands what service and duty are,” President Ali remarked.

Jason Khan’s fearlessness and belief in a cause larger than life were emphasised by the commanded in chief.

As child of God and a strong believer, he said, Khan’s faith provided him with strength in the face of adversity. He also called for healing comfort to envelop Khan’s family during this challenging time.

A multifaceted individual, Jason Khan was not only a dedicated military professional but also a skilled sportsman, excelling in basketball.

His service extended beyond the call of duty as he played roles as a Storeman in 31 SF Sqn, a Regimental Quarter Master in the Intelligence Corps, and recently earned a Certificate in Electrical Installation at the Government Technical Institute.

Khan’s military journey, spanning from his enlistment on March 11, 2005, to his recent achievements, showcased his continuous pursuit of knowledge and personal growth.

Decorated with honors such as the 40th and 50th  Anniversary Medals, Khan’s chest bore witness to his dedicated service on significant occasions in the history of the GDF.