Junior Police ranks need to support CPGs

DPI/GINA, GUYANA, Sunday, July 2, 2017

Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine is calling on the Guyana Police Force’s junior ranks to lend more support to the members of the Community Policing Groups (CPGs). Ramnaraine made this call today, after the CPG’s Chairman report at the CPG’s Biennial General Meeting at the Police Sports Club, Eve Leary.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, David Ramnarine.

Ramnarine, speaking on behalf of the Commissioner of Police, Seelall Persaud said that the problem between the GPF and the CPGs seems to be an, “Achilles heel.”

The Assistant Commissioner noted that it is clear that the issue of trust and respect must be improved between the GPF and the CPGs if they are to move forward and fulfill their duties.

Chairman of the CPG, Dr. Mark Constantine said that, the lack of support from the junior police ranks come from the idea that the CPGs are there to, “police the police.” However, he pointed out that such a perception does not reflect well on the CPG.

Ramnarine also expressed concern over the lack of support for the CPGs, “it is distressing and it is very sad to know that despite the good work, despite the rich history, despite all the improvements, despite more classes, despite more educational opportunities, despite more training opportunities, the problem still exists.”

He wants all police officers to understand that all the research has shown that the police cannot do it(policing) alone

Community Policing Group Chairman, Dr. Mark Constantine.

and wants junior ranks to cease viewing the CPGs as nobodies.

“It is clear that trust and respect needs to be improved. Between you and the police, the police to you, liaison to you, liaison to the police and along with your leadership to the ministry, trust and respect must be present if the GPF and GPGs are to move forward,” Ramnaraine said.

The Assistant Commissioner wants urged the CPG’s to understand that, “the major issue in our country right now is the safety of community and if we cannot put aside the differences and work with each other then we might as well stay out and let those who want to work together continue to work together.”

Members of the Community Policing Group from across the country.

Dr. Constantin also made a call for CPGs and members of the GPF to work together, he said that while the CPGs receive support from the GPF, he noted that it comes from the senior officers only.

“We as community policing members are here to work with you, to support you and to help you so that together we can achieve the desired success we all, I am sure desire to have,” Dr. Constantine explained.

Additionally, the Chairman called on members of the CPGs to act more professional. Professionalism he said, is something that the organisation needs from all its stakeholders. “After forty-one years of experience, the time for childlessness needs to be put away since it does not help us to get better in anyway,” the Chairman stated.

Dr. Constantine also made some recommendations in his report to improve the work of the CPGs countrywide. These include the establishment of a fixed place for the CPGs to conduct their business, ongoing training for CPG members and more cooperation from the GPF among others.


By: Isaiah Braithwaite