Kaikan will not be left out of Guyana’s development agenda – President Ali

– One hundred relief hampers, children’s toys distributed to community

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Irfaan Ali,  today, assured the residents of the border community of Kaikan in Region 7 (Cuyuni Mazaruni), that they will be included in the developmental plans for the country, which is designed to improve the lives of all Guyanese.

The Head of State gave this assurance as he addressed scores of residents and Guyana Defence Force ranks gathered in the community (bordering Venezuela) earlier today.

“Today, I’m here to visit not only our soldiers, but importantly to visit this beautiful village and interact with its residents. I’m here to learn more from you about your challenges and to share with you some of our plans, geared to improving our lives and ensuring that we build a better future for all Guyanese, including you and this village.”

Among the plans the President revealed was the implementation of education programmes, ICT and technical vocational training and improved access to health care services.  

“We will be expanding our services to all the regions in Guyana to ensure that young people have equal access to not only primary and secondary education, but importantly also for those who want to pursue university education and technical education.”


President Ali informed the residents of the implementation of a new Nutrition Programme to further address the needs of children, particularly in riverain communities.

“To our children, I want you to know that in our programme, we have restored the uniform grant, especially to children in the hinterland and riverine communities.   But importantly, in our next budget, we are addressing nutrition programmes, nutritional needs to ensure that when our children go to school, they will have the right meals. And your village of course will not be excluded from this programme.”


President Ali said too that Government will be seeking to enhance community involvement in national and regional development.

Towards this end, he announced that they will also be engaging with Toshaos and Town Councils in developing and formulating livelihood and social programmes to better serve the needs and priorities of communities.

“It is important that communities themselves identify what their priorities are. I want to assure you that the government and the cabinet will be reaching out to these communities, to your community in a continuous basis.”

He also assured the members of the Guyana Defence Force that they will also play a major role in the process, which will transform the way in which they engage the community and in so doing they will become more sensitive to community development.

The President also said that the National Security Advisor along with a team will return to the community at a later date to interact with residents and to gauge ways in which they we can enhance the relationship and involve the communities themselves in training and development.

One of the ways identified is through the establishment of Border Patrol groups which will be responsible for the protection of the community. Residents are to be permanently engaged through this mechanism.

“I want to assure you before I close, that my government intends to win your trust,  my government intends to work closely with all of you to ensure that no family, no community, is left out from the development and  advancement of our country regardless of where those communities are.”

He lauded the residents for adhering to the COVID-19 protocols by wearing their masks. The President also urged them to reflect on the challenges of the past year and assured them that the coming year would be better.

“Next year will be filled with improved livelihood options, improved development, but more importantly, it will be a new year that is filled with the hope that all of us, including myself, including the Army Chiefs, including the men and women, for all of us, we will be better Guyanese.”  

Village Toshao Marlon Williams expressed gratitude to the President and his team for their visit. Following the official welcoming ceremony, President Ali and his team distributed 100 relief hampers to residents and almost the same amount of toys to children in the community. The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces then attended the Christmas Lunch with GDF ranks stationed at the border community.