Kariako Residents Enjoy Improved Water Access

Residents of Kariako, Region 1 are now benefitting from an improved level of water service, following an intervention by GWI’s Hinterland Engineers. This is in keeping with a recent promise made by Minister of Housing and Water, Hon. Collin Croal, to address the water situation in the community.

The residents related that they were receiving little to no water access. Checks by GWI’s Hinterland team revealed that there was a damaged two-inch valve feeding the overhead storage tanks and preventing them from reaching their maximum capacity. This in turn resulted in poor water distribution levels to the community. The valve was replaced as well as three 180-watts solar panels that were used to power the pump station.  Two 330-watts panels were installed, attributing to a noticeable improvement in the water pumping capabilities.

Kariako is a very remote community and it took the GWI team almost 10 hours to travel via water transportation from Moruca to the community to provide the improvement.