“Keep learning and great things will follow… build your confidence and move forward to be even greater tomorrow,” Mrs. Nagamootoo

─ West Demerara Secondary School graduates urged

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, November 29, 2018

One hundred and six students (106), attached to West Demerara Secondary School, today graduated with several firsts for the school.

Delivering the feature address, at the Colette Newland Multipurpose Hall, Mrs. Sita Nagamootoo, wife of Prime Minister, Moses Nagamootoo, congratulated the students for their hard work and achievement in successfully completing their secondary education.

She told the students that they should not view this day as the end of their educational journey but a platform from which to launch themselves to greater academic heights.

“You are the nation’s future leaders so let this achievement be a launch pad for you to become great leaders, innovators or even public servants…. The path ahead is wide open let it be what you want to be… Keep pushing forward and upward and be confident in pursuit of your life dreams and goals,” Mrs. Nagamootoo said.

She also cautioned them not to let failures deter them from pursuing their goals in life, but instead to use them as guideposts along the way in their journey.

Headteacher of West Demerara Secondary School, Harrinarine, congratulated the students on their achievements, as it set several firsts for the school. These include a 90 per cent pass rate in CSEC, 100 per cent pass in English Language and Literature, 90.8 per cent in Mathematics among others. The Headteacher also noted that there were successes in several extracurricular activities.

Harrinarine noted that these academic firsts demonstrate that the discipline, dedication and commitment instilled in the graduates ensured they achieved their best at the examinations. He said the expectation now is for this academic performance to be repeated next year and the years to come.

The headteacher urged the graduates to develop innovative skills in order to further develop themselves and the country as a whole.

Neola Damon.

Images: Tejpaul Bridgemohan.