Kwakwani Hospital benefits from COVID-19 supplies

—Supplies to be available soon for Upper Berbice River communities

—Ituni establishes screening for visitors

DPI, Guyana, Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Kwakwani Hospital in the Upper-Berbice River has received a substantial amount of medical supplies to boost its efforts to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The Ministry of Public Health made available N95 masks, surgical masks and gowns, infrared thermometers, goggles, alcohol-based sanitisers and other items.

Regional Vice Chairman, Elroy Adolph, who has responsibility for Kwakwani, said the hospital had set up two triage areas. First, there is a mandatory check at the entrance of the hospital where all visitors will be asked a series of questions, including about their travel history.

Based on the information received, they would be referred to the second triage area. The hospital has also established a hotline.

Adolph said more monitoring and preventative measures were also being implemented at the community level.

Meanwhile, discussions are underway on the establishment of a screening outpost at the Berbice River, which connects Kwakwani to several riverine communities and New Amsterdam.

The aim is to prevent any imported cases of the virus entering the community.

Adolph also related that medical and protective supplies would be distributed to health posts in the villages along the Berbice River.

Meanwhile, in Ituni, residents have also taken a proactive approach to deal with the pandemic.

Community Leader Keisha Griffith said that the Community Development Council has set up a screening station at the Ituni Police Station, to monitor persons entering the area.

“We would test their temperature, and we would put the responsibility in the hands of the guardian or the resident, they have to self-isolate for two weeks,” she said.

The community will be setting up an isolation centre for anyone who tested positive for COVID-19 or experiencing symptoms of the disease. Griffith said that a team of medical personnel from the Kwakwani Hospital will be visiting on Wednesday to finalise their preparation for the pandemic.