Labour ministry engages over 115 stakeholders at labour law compliance seminar

One hundred and fifteen (115) individuals representing over forty (40) entities from the public and private sectors attended a one-day seminar aimed at improving awareness and compliance with labour legislation.

Hosted by the Labour department of the Ministry of Labour at the Regency Suites Hotel, the seminar focused on laws governing the national minimum wage, probationary periods and paid leave, workplace safety and health, overtime payments, severance pay, termination of employment, inspections, and record-keeping, and reporting incidents of child labour.

Minister of Labour, Joseph Hamilton

Hon. Joseph Hamilton, Minister of Labour, Chief Labour Officer, Mr. Dhaneshwar Deonarine, Chair of the Consultative Association of Guyanese Industry Limited (CAGI), Mr. Jairam Petam and President of the Federation of Independent Trade Union of Guyana (FITUG), Mr. Carvil Duncan, among others, were in attendance.

In brief remarks, Minister Hamilton praised the participants for recognising the necessity of re-educating themselves on the country’s labour laws to protect their employees’ rights and wellbeing.

This drive, he said, is consistent with the ministry’s fundamental pillars: “capacity building,” which encompasses worker training and retraining; “human development,” which includes worker welfare; and “the protection of workers’ rights.”

As a result, the labour minister encouraged the participants to have faith in the ministry’s capacity to make this vision a reality in both private and governmental enterprises.

He also urged them to collaborate with the ministry to achieve similar success in encouraging, promoting, and ensuring compliance with labour regulations linked not only to working conditions but also to occupational safety and health throughout the country.

This is in accordance with Goal 17 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) which addresses partnerships for the goals.

Representatives from companies such as Amalgamated Security Services, Aruwai Enterprise Incorporated, BPI Guyana Incorporated, CARICOM Secretariat, Citizens Bank Guyana Incorporated, Demerara Bank Limited, E Networks Incorporated, Guyana Power and Light Incorporated, Guysons Oil and Gas, Massy Distribution Guyana Incorporated, NSB Omega Guyana Incorporated, among others attended the seminar.