‘Lady Tempest’, others encourage the public to take the Covid vaccine

Local Calypsonian Camille ‘Lady Tempest’ Goliah-Basdeo, is among the latest group of Guyanese urging others to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

DPI caught up with the renowned singer on Thursday at the Ministry of Health’s Brickdam vaccination site, where she went to receive her first dose of the Sputnik V vaccine.    

‘Lady Tempest’ says it is important to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

Lady Tempest said it is important that others follow suit, as the pandemic prevails.

“I decided to come and it was easy, just a slight discomfort at the spot where they injected and that is gone now. I’m feeling fine,” she said.

The Ministry’s vaccination campaign has been receiving positive responses from persons countrywide. Several persons at the Brickdam site, also shared their views on the campaign.

Mr. Rudolph Andrews said he used his day off to take the vaccine, as he believes it is important.

Mr. Rondel Wickham

“The vaccine was very good and it went through smoothly.  I didn’t have any feelings about it in terms of any after effects or things like that, it went smooth all the time,” he said.

Mr. Rondel Wickham, who works overseas, said taking the vaccine is a requirement.

“I [am] accustom taking flu vaccines and it really helps me because I really don’t get cold. As I just tell the lady, this is just like a norm for me, so if this is gonna make things better, I’m willing to take that chance.

I would tell any and every body I know, so far the amount of people who have taken it, even the elders, we haven’t got any bad response from that,” Mr. Wickham said.

Ms. Rayzor Valenzuela after being vaccinated

Ms. Rayzor and Mr. Kelly Valenzuela who took their vaccines together with a relative, said they are taking the vaccine to ensure that their loved ones, especially the children, remain safe.

Father and son, Mr. Ron and Dan James also took the opportunity to access the vaccination service.

Father and son, Mr. Ron and Mr. Dan James after being vaccinated

“I’m here because there is an upsurge in coronavirus in Guyana and the vaccine is available, so I thought it was right to come and take it so I can protect myself and other Guyanese.

The process was good, we were dealt with in a professional manner, very speedy and it was a pleasant experience,” the elder James said.

Mr. Eugene Shabaliv also took the COVID-19 vaccine.

DPI also spoke with Mr. Eugene Shabaliv, a Russian national who visited the site with the hope of accessing the Sputnik V, which was created in his home country.

So far, more than 100,000 persons have been immunised against Covid.