Let’s practice our constitutional rights,” – PM Nagamootoo

―East Coast residents commend smooth voting process

DPI, Guyana, Monday, March 2, 2020.

Prime Minister, the Hon. Moses Nagamootoo and wife, Mrs. Sita Nagamootoo were among the early voters to cast their ballots at the National Aquatic Center at Liliendaal, East Coast Demerara.

After exercising their constitutional right, the couple spoke briefly with the DPI. Prime Minister Nagamootoo described the process as “smooth and hassle-free.” He also commended the person who came out early to vote.

“Surrounding communities at this polling station consist of persons who are farmers and cattle rearers, people who rise early in the morning and I am pleased to see then put their responsibilities aside to vote early,” he said.

Prime Minister, Nagamootoo also reminded that every citizen has an important role to play in selecting the government of their choice.

It is an important and cardinal right to be defended and exercised. Every citizen should cast their vote early. We aim is to have early results but first, the citizens must be vote and do so in a timely manner,” the Prime Minister, stated

Mrs. Sita Nagamootoo reached out to the women of Guyana, urging them to get to the polls early to secure a bright future for their children and grandchildren.

We, women should not allow anyone to make decisions for us, it is our right, it was given to us and today is the day to vote like a boss,” she remarked.

Members of the Commonwealth Observer Mission headed by former also made an early stop at the aquatics centre to monitor the voting process

Several persons along the East Coast corridor also spoke to DPI. In Buxton, Beterverwagting and Plaisance the residents all commended the smooth voting process

The first voter at the Buxton polling station Marian Yaw remarked “I prepared my grandbabies breakfast, packed their bags and brought them along with me so that I can vote early. Guyana has a far way to go and I must ensure I do my part, so my grandbabies can live and receive the good life.”

Cidly Duncan, 74 and Sheila Simon. 18 are neighbours for over 40 years. Simon who suffers from arthritis was overjoyed when Simon offered to assist her to the polling station.

“I cannot be happier, I got my walking stick when he offered to assist me, we both are old people but the old age aches do not bother him so, one one dutty build dam, I climbed the steps of the polling station and vote today,” Simon noted.

Forty-five-year-old, Chitram Persaud of Beterverwagting said the voting process was smooth and orderly. He said and closed his grocery store to ensure ensuring everyone in his household votes

“I want the best for my family, my villagers and I cannot sit back and allow others to vote alone, we are here today and I must say, in all my years of voting, the process here today is smooth, orderly and quick. Now, it’s time to await the results so that our country can move forward,” Persaud stated.

He urged the young people within his community to come out and vote.

Polls close at 18:00 hours today.