LGE 2023: City residents express hope for positive outcome following local elections

Several citizens across Georgetown are eagerly anticipating a favourable outcome and envisioning a thriving city, following the 2023 Local Government Elections (LGEs).

Since the polling stations were opened at 6:00 am Monday, citizens were seen casting their ballots, noting their seriousness about ensuring the city receives full attention.

Alberttown resident, Tiffany Porter told the Department of Public Information (DPI) that she is most concerned about the outlook of Georgetown.

Tiffany Porter

“I would like to see the drains cleaned, because you know, when the rain falls, you get a lot of flooding. We also need streetlights, and the road fixed,” Porter stated.

Another resident of Alberttown, Savitri Zamaluddin, expressed, What I would like to see happen in my community is that these gutters be cleaned on a regular. I think the flooding is affecting a lot of people in Alberttown, and I think the government or whoever we choose, our NDC, should look into that.”

Savitri Zamaluddin

Jermaine Forde shared similar sentiments, pointing out that in Kingston, drainage works need to be done as well.

Jermaine Forde

“The drains and the gutters need cleaning. It’s very dirty, the gutters need cleaning, and the drains need to flow,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dwayne Muller added that it would be beneficial to have more roadworks around the city, as well as have furniture within the city schools assessed and replaced, among other improvements.

Dwayne Muller

Candidates contesting in this year’s LGE emphasised the importance of Guyanese exercising their democratic right to vote and urged them to seriously consider the party that has the citizens and city’s best interests at heart.