LGE 2023: PPP made significant inroads in areas that were APNU strongholds

Preliminary results reveal – Jagdeo

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is projecting a massive win in over 65 of the 80 local authority areas in the 2023 Local Government Election (LGE).

Based on preliminary results, the party has made significant inroads in areas that were strongholds of the PNC-led A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) including Georgetown and New Amsterdam.

General Secretary of the PPP, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo made the disclosure late Monday night at Freedom House, describing it as a ‘big night’ for his party.

“We will take some of the towns that were previously under APNU. Thirdly, in Georgetown we will win more constituencies that we won in the past and the vote differential between the PPP and the APNU in 2018 would be significantly small, so it means we will do extremely well in Georgetown,” the general secretary informed media operatives.

Additionally, it is projected that PPP and the APNU may tie in Bartica and Mahdia based on the preliminary results provided to the party.

We won more votes than APNU in both areas on the basis of preliminary results that came to us. These are two towns that were controlled by APNU,” Dr Jagdeo asserted.

The general secretary also chastised the APNU for its ‘pathetic’ antics of projecting wins in their well-known strongholds.

This, he said, is an attempt to cover up its massive defeat in the 2023 LGE.

He also urged citizens to not heed to the false narratives that are being peddled by the APNU, specifically its Chief Whip Christopher Jones who said once the government takes controls of the city, their properties will be sold. Final results of the local government elections are anticipated by Tuesday.