Lima Sands residents raise concerns with Min. Ally at community meeting

― primary school to have access to water for the first time

― parents urged to invest in their children academics

By Kellon Rover

DPI, Guyana, Thursday, May 30, 2019

The auditorium of the Lima Sands Primary School in Region 2 was, on Wednesday afternoon, packed to its capacity, after residents came out in their numbers to meet with Minister of Social Protection, Amna Ally.

The minister’s visit to the district immediately followed a massive ‘Government comes to you’ outreach held at the Damon Square, Anna Regina, Region 2.

Community members of Lima Sands did not hesitate much to voice their concerns; most of which were deemed “priority”.

During Minister Ally’s first trip to the small area on Wednesday, she heard that there is an urgent need for water supply at the Lima Primary School. Egnaught Soneer, a 47-year-old firefighter, explained that on many occasions, the Anna Regina Fire Station had to supply the learning facility with water. He said it is unfair for the pupils to fetch water from long distances, as some of the areas are “infested with dangerous reptiles.”

Soneer’s face was lit with smiles just seconds after the senior minister assured that the relevant personnel will be contacted before the end of the evening to seek a resolution.

Another senior resident, Manerva McLennan, called for a permanent doctor to be attached to the community health centre. McLennan noted that in the past years, the medical outpost was without a medical practitioner, however, after contacting the subject minister, she said a doctor immediately started visiting on the third Thursday of every month. “I know Rome was not built in a day. I don’t want a doctor tomorrow or next week, but once one can come sometime in the future, we, in this village, will be satisfied.”

The need for a playpark to host recreational activities for youths, the rehabilitation of roads, a new water treatment plant, and the renovation of the community primary school, were among the many requests made by Lima Sands residents.

Minister Ally further reminded about the many developments Pomeroon-Supenaam Region has received since 2015. She also made a profound call for parents to play a pivotal role in their child’s academic life; noting that the Government of Guyana will never cease to invest in the lives of the youths. The Social Protection Minister also assured the ‘good life’.