Linden MPs say dust pollution no longer a problem

Georgetown, GINA, July 27, 2016

Linden residents have gotten relief from dust pollution since the installation of dust collectors at the Bosai bauxite plant, Region Ten.

APNU+AFC Member of Parliament (MP), and resident of Linden, Audwin Rutherford told the Government Information Agency (GINA) that residents “are far better off” for the last four years.

“In the community, no one has been complaining of recent about dust in the area,” Rutherford said. Dust pollution was an on-going problem for Region 10 communities.

The severity of the pollution was felt by residents along the Wismar shore, Mackenzie and Silvertown. After enduring decades of dust pollution, the residents of Silvertown and Christianburg in Linden had called on the Ministry of Health and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to investigate the Bosai Bauxite Plant located in the heart of Linden.

The town’s residents had complained that a number of them have been diagnosed with respiratory illnesses and even cancer. Persons who are asthmatic and suffer from sinus problems have experienced much difficulty.

“I myself would have penned several articles with regards to the effects the community has been facing with regards to the amount of dust that was being exposed to the residents,” APNU+AFC MP, Jermaine Figueira said.

Bosai company secretary, Norman McLean said the company is proud that it has addressed the issue. “You don’t even know now when the plant is operating because there is no dust coming through the stack and that in my view from an environmental point of view, from a community point of view is a very, very important achievement,” said McLean.

The Chinese company took over management of the bauxite plant in the community and has been mining the mineral for some 10 years. There were complaints about the sloth of the company in addressing the pollution. Bosai installed the two dust collectors at a cost of US$ 8M in 2012.

“I’m happy that that aspect has been addressed,” Figueira, who also resides in Linden, said.