Linden to Lethem road construction on target – Businesses investing in mining town

DPI, Guyana, Sunday, June 17, 2018

As Linden prepares for the imminent construction of the Linden to Lethem road, development has been noted in the mining town especially in the area of hospitality.

In early June, a first class restaurant opened its doors. Kingdom Styles Entertainment Restaurant and Movie Theatre, located at the Toucan’s Mall in Amelia’s Ward, has added a touch of class to Linden. Owner Kellon Nedd promises quality in both service and food.

Kingdom Styles restaurant offers breakfast, lunch and dinner which include three-course meals. The cuisine is a mixture of local and international dishes. Persons can also order take out. Reservations can be made and the restaurant also hosts events such as birthdays and weddings since it can accommodate 180 persons. The movie theatre equipped with a fully stocked confectionary bar shows premier movies

Nedd, who also owns two fast-food chicken outlets, is optimistic about Linden’s economy and the success of his investment. With his businesses, Nedd has employed 19 Lindeners and he plans on hiring more.

Just a few months prior, Tropical Reflections, another restaurant and bar, was opened in Mackenzie and while the atmosphere is less formal, it was especially welcomed by Lindeners. Tropical Reflections, which is strategically located at Linden’s Five-Corner, caters for drivers and commuters travelling to hinterland locations. Hot and cold meals are available 24 hours, as well as facilities to freshen up.

Veteran businessman Hilton Lyle, owner of Tropical Reflections has also taken the gamble of establishing a motorcycle store in Linden. This is a move he has not regretted and has encouraged other investors to come to the mining town to do the same.

Encouraging economic ripple effect

Residents and regional authorities have noted that the influx of new businesses in the town has contributed to lowering the unemployment rate in the town and also created a positive ripple effect in the economy.

In addition to these two restaurants, in less than a year, an influx of businesses has been welcomed in Linden. Over seven supermarkets have opened their doors, a gas station, an insurance company, several sports bars, a tourism touring company, several guest houses and one Bed and Breakfast.

Executive Member and former President of the Linden Chamber of Commerce, Kevin Deyoung, believes that with the Linden to Lethem road the mining town will no longer be only dubbed the gateway to the interior but also the gateway to Brazil and in extension, South America. It is anticipated that this thoroughfare will open up avenues for development in an array of sectors including the tourism, agricultural, business, manufacturing and the construction sector. “We see this road as a rebranding of Linden,” Deyoung said.

He also highlighted several factors that can encourage more investment in Linden. These include the town’s strategic location since it is accessible to six other regions and is the entryway to the interior; a skilled, qualified and a capable workforce that are eagerly awaiting employment; available land located in all parts of the town waiting to be developed and Linden is the only town with subsidised electricity which will cut cost for energy.

Linden is currently preparing for the highly expected people-traffic that the new road will bring.

By: Vanessa Braithwaite 

Images: Vanessa Braithwaite